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6/16/2021 10:11:21 AM

Active Destiny Clan Recruiting EU/UK Players

[b]What We Offer & Benefits 😎[/b] -[i]Max Level Clan Banner Level. -All Weekly Rewards Achieved like, Crucible, Raid, Gambit, Nightfall. -Weekly Raids Organised by our Members. -Extremely Active Clan Roster, across 3 times zones EU, UK USA. -Opportunity to get things done, like Milestones & Pinnacle Activities. -Ability to invite friends & family to our community. -Social [url=]Discord[/url], great place to meet interesting people, like minded individuals & professionals. -Community across multiple games, we support many PS4/PS5 Games. -Life & Health Advice from Professional who work in the Health & Fitness Industry. -Many other Perks like having access MD’s, PhD, Doctors, Nutritionist & Exercise Physiologist.[/i] [b]Requirements & Criteria 🤨[/b] [i]-PS4/PS5 Platform -Using Discord App -Destiny Companion App -PSN App -Over The Age Of 21+ -Similar Timezone US, EU & UK -To Be in Longterm Clan & Community -Headset For Fireteam Communication -Active & Currently Playing Destiny 2 -Lift Weights, Be Healthy, Positive Mindset & Good Balanced Lifestyle. -Cool Minded, Calm Demeanour, Down To Earth, Friendly & Social, Willing To Help Others, Highly Skilled & Adaptable.[/i] [b]What We Want & What We Are About 🤔[/b] [i]In anticipation of the New Season of Destiny 2 Beyond Light, We looking for people to join our Community [url=]House Of Gainz[/url]. We looking for players to join our journey taking on the next Season of Destiny DLC Beyond Light. We are looking for solid players with we are also looking for people with great personality who are calm, cool minded and willing to help others achieve their goals. We are all over the age of 21+ years old, we all adults who are hard working & fun to socialise with, we are professional at all times & very respectful to all players. We are very balanced hybrid Clan who play PVE & PVP, super active and looking for a few highly skilled players to join our Community.[/i] [b]Our Background & Bio 🧐[/b] [i]We're a solid group of gamers who have been playing together for more than 7 years. We pride ourselves on having a good time while taking raids and PVP seriously. We are primarily from all time zones across the US/EU. We currently focused on PVE, RAIDS, PVP and Trials.[/i] [b]We are Single Platform PS4/PS5 But We Support Multiple Core Games 🥳[/b] [i] Like the title says we single platform PS4/PS5 community however we support multiple games like: [b]Destiny 2, Monster Hunter Iceborne, Borderlands 3, Marvel's Avengers game, Back 4 Blood, Godfall, Outriders[/b] & much more games as popular games get released. The above games are extremely popular in our Discord & you will find friends to support you and enjoy these popular titles. [/i] [b]Warning 😵[/b] [i][b]No Clan Hoopers, if your a Clan Jumper, jumping from Clan to Clan you will not be welcomed in House Of Gainz[/b], this Clan is built on Loyalty, Integrity, Honour & Respect we have incredibly loyal members who have been playing together since Destiny 2014 Vault Of Glass 7 years ago.[/i] [b]How To Apply To House Of Gainz Clan 😉[/b] [i]-Give us a like on this post/thumbs up, will help your application 👍. -Join our Discord Channel ([url=]House Of Gainz[/url]) -Read ALL SECTIONS IN FULL PLEASE! -Message me on Discord letting me know your hobbies, likes, simple introduction about yourself and why you are trying to Join the Clan, how can my Clan benefit from you or what can you offer us?[/i] [b]Clan Info 💪[/b] [i]If this sounds like the Clan for you, you can look us up here -Clan Bungie Site: [url=]House Of Gainz[/url] -Clan Activity: [url=]House Of Gainz to check our activity level[/url] -Clan Banner: Max Level Achieved, Max Rewards Benefits For Our Members -Clan Members: 45+ Population Spread 50% PVE & 50% PVP Players -Clan Platform: PS4/PS5 Console Clan -Clan Status: Very Active Across All 3 Time Zones -Clan Slots Open: 20 Players Recruitment -Clan Membership: Private & Invitation Only -Clan Discord Channel: [url=]House Of Gainz[/url] -Clan Supported Games:[b] Destiny 2, Monster Hunter Iceborne, Borderlands 3, Marvel's Avengers game, Back 4 Blood, Godfall & Outriders[/b][/i] Thank you for reading, happy hunting Guardians 😁, even if your not joining our community, give us a thumbs up 👍 for all us lifters!

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