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6/16/2021 7:26:58 AM

Vex, Dregs & Takenthrall - Clan Recruiting (PS)

We are a well-established friendly UK based clan, building a great community of guardians of all levels including experienced raiders and trials vets as long as you are sociable and enjoy a good laugh you’ll be welcome! Our focus is around end game content, so if you are looking for a group to take on some of Destiny’s challenges then you’ll fit in! Our goal is to find more players that follow our ethos and want to be part of a clan that focuses on having fun. Prime time for us is weekday evenings and weekends, ages range from 22ish – 50ish. We understand that Destiny is a way to relax away from work, kids etc and most of our members have responsibilities that come before Destiny. Requirements: We only ask that you are mature (21+), have a mic, have some decent experience (5+ raids across D2) and look to engage with the clan before LFG’ing. Once accepted you will be send a Discord link via the Bungie app to join our Discord server. New members will be able to join groups and break the ice! Get in touch (comment/pm) if you’d like a link to join, or search me on D2 companion app (samcd27) Thanks, Sam Vex Dregs and Taken Thrall:

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