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Presets for Transmog/Favorite Shaders

Bungie, with all the great things that came with the new transmog system, there is a couple things that i think it would become perfect. Presets for Transmog: When i change out my exotic piece of armor, i normally have to change out every other piece of gear to make my set look good. I know a lot of other people like to kill in style! If we had a drop down we could save or add a new preset, it could change all the armor pieces on the fly, especially how the game works now when doing vault for instance, I change up my super on every other encounter, that comes with changing my armor pieces, having presets will make changing everything a lot smoother and faster for the folks that like to bag vex while lookin mighty fine. Since you cannot change the look of exotic armor, you can make it to where you set your base preset, and if you have exotic arms. it will change everything except for the exotic piece you have equipped. Favoriting Shaders: i feel like having your favorite shaders always at the beginning with a little star in the top right or left corner of the shader box will make finding the shaders you commonly use at the beginning :) for example Calus Selected shaders, anyone who has those and wants to use those are usually at the back of the shader collection, having the favorite shader system will allow that shader to be brought up front so you can pick it right away :) Let me know what you think!

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