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6/12/2021 12:54:36 PM

[PS4] new formed clan looking for members. Atm EU based

Hello and welcome to The Dragon Den. This is a new formed clan, looking for potential members, at the age 18+, new players and veterans. We do PVE, PVP, Raids, Nightfalls, and what else there is. If u like to be in a clan where u have someone to play with and like getting loot from completing things. Then this is the clan. Important things is, that we show respect for each other, we play as a team and have fun. We have room for all. It is expected for u to use cause that's where posts about raids and all will be. It is also expected that u are online from time to time, if u are inactive for a month without any notice to leader/admins u will be kicked. We have a discord server for communication, fun and whatever we find out. If this clan sounds something for u, leave a request and u will hear from us. Best regards Dex_D_Dragon Bungie link: Discord link:
#clan #Clans #PS4

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