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Looking for a clan to join, +18 only clans. (PC)

I play Destiny 2 regularly, though I returned to the game a few weeks ago and before that I didn't touch the game since Forsaken. I enjoy all aspects of the game though I do enjoy Iron Banner events and the current Overdrive missions a lot more than others. I tried going through the discord, but the clans who post either aren't as active as they claim, they just want numbers. Or they're filled with kids who demand activity almost everyday. (I work and do a lot of side projects) I was going to make a joke Clan called Goth IHop but I realized that name was taken and the only other funny Goth clan is private so at this rate I just want a clan to sit in and meet people and enjoy company while playing the game. I say 18+ because I'm in my 20s, I don't hate teenagers or anything but it's more comfortable playing with people around my age. I hope to reach out to someone! I'd hate to get bored of Destiny without trying out raids and stuff. Oh and I don't know if you can see but all my characters are just above 1280 light, I play all three to check out different gear but I mostly enjoy playing Titan and Hunter (Warlock style kind of hard to get rolling)
#clan #Clans #steam

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