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6/10/2021 10:23:42 AM

(PS4/5) Clan looking for individual people/groups

Hello Guardians After a small hiatus and our previous clans' collapse, we are returning to the game and have decided to create our own clan! A clan that truly welcomes all and offers a community to either join us or use our banner as a base camp for you and your fireteam. Whether you’re returning to the game like ourselves or new to all things Destiny we’d like to welcome you to Adrenacore Incorporated. As I mentioned join us to have a group of dedicated guardians to do end game content, come join us as an individual entity and just use the banner as a way to get clan engrams etc. Either way, it will be a place where you can enjoy Destiny without elitism or being demanded to do a certain thing. While we have a discord channel there is no need to join if you don’t wish to, if you’re a small group or clan then feel free to join us and keep your own private discord channels but together maybe we could all come together to do raids, dungeons and other end game activities instead of LFG’ing. We’re a welcoming group and accepting of pretty much all guardians! We don’t ask for much other than…. Be 18+ Oh and ….. DON’T BE A DICK!!

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