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Editado por LUKHERA: 5/11/2021 11:26:31 PM

Buggy season pass

I bought the season pass and the expansion beyond the light, with that I had access to everything available, until the next season passes. but I changed everything when I activated the cross save and lost access to the pass having to get it again, I thought it was strange, but I bought it again, everything was quiet until then. but with the coming of this new season, the 14th season, I simply do not have access to the seasons anymore, I believe I made a mistake, can you fix this please? in short: I paid for the deluxe version of destiny 2, did the cross save, lost access to the pass, having to buy it again and even then, I don't have access to the season pass for the deluxe version. (I'm brasilian and i used the google translate) Edit: ok, i found the problem, i'm using my steam account in crosssave. but now I can’t disconnect even if it’s been more than 15 days since I bought silver on the console. You can unlink this to me? please.

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