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We are now closed, will be open later in the season. Thanks for the interest!

🚨[b]MIC REQUIRED[/b] - No mic, no membership!🚨 [b][u]AGES 15+[/u][/b] [b]VIZ I League Of Shadows [/b], is the best kept secret in the Destiny 2 community. We grind, we teach and we achieve. We leave no stone unturned dabbling in [b]Crucible[/b], [b]Vanguard[/b], [b]Raids[/b], and [b]Gambit![/b] Whether you are [b]Inexperienced[/b], [b]Average[/b], or [b]Experienced[/b] we have an abundance of like minded guardians that are here ready to play, socialize, guide, teach and have fun. VIZ is not the biggest, but we are definitely not the smallest community out there. We have members from [b]Canada[/b], [b]Europe[/b], [b]U.S. West - East Coast[/b], and [b]Australia[/b]. We have been around since D1 (6 years) and never once have seen an inactive day, there is always someone on eager to play, help and teach if need be. We are a one stop shop! [b]VIZ is here to assist you to have the best in game and community experience possible, all you need to do is join up and the rest is history.[/b] 🤗 [b]What are the Trials of Ascension?[/b] [i]All new members have to go through the [b]Trials[/b] to become an official member:[/i] [spoiler] 💠[b]Trials of Ascension[/b] are steps to help you integrate into the community without feeling completely lost. 💠Most clans will recruit members to add to their ranks but they will not reach out to play with these new recruits or introduce them in any way to how the clan works. 💠We want you to make friends and bond with the existing members. These steps will help you see how our clan functions by showing you just how active and helpful we are. 💠Playing with current members will give you the chance to ask questions and also might help you choose which house you want to join! [/spoiler] 🚨[b]NOTE:[/b][i] Our very own members have left comments about their experiences below, and check out our Instagram. I know most clans promise the world, we don’t! We just try to do the best we can to make all of our gaming experiences a little more enjoyable. Your experience is what you make it, we just want to be a part of it![/i] [b]Instagram link:[/b] [b]Benefits & Incentives:[/b] [spoiler]💠 Well organized, informative, social, active, and engaging discord server. 💠 Second to none admin team that is not only helpful, but plays with its members. 💠 Raid, Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit Sherpas. Members who are eager, able and willing to teach as long as your ready to learn. 💠 Community Monthly Events 💠 Stream Support for members aspiring to become affiliated, and want to grow as streamers. 💠 Friendly, Social, Active, Easy going community environment. No judgement, no drama, no elitest. Just gamers, gaming and enjoying their time. [/spoiler] [b]How do I join:[/b] [spoiler]🗣 [b]Post a comment below[/b]: What’s your favorite thing about destiny? [b]OR[/b] What would you like to accomplish joining VIZ? ☝️[b]Upvote this post:[/b] Android click the star, iPhone click the up arrow top right hand side of post.[/spoiler] 🚨[b]MIC REQUIRED[/b] - No mic, no membership!🚨 [b][u]AGES 15+[/u][/b]

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