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5/10/2021 9:52:41 AM

Tired led Trials Matchmaking...

This joke must stop as soon as possible. Not in season 15 it is too late. Every card I got matched multiple times with people that have 10 weekly flawlesses while I have 10 in a season. 2.3, 4.20 KD while I am barely 1.10. Top 0.1 ELo when I am below 5% This must stop. Bring back sbmm like Destiny 1. Players must have a chance to go flawless because they play well. Against these people, that most of the time are cheaters, nobody can win except cheaters. The only way to bring users back to Trials is to switch back to skill based matched making. I am tired of listening “it is the bounties” that’s fake nobody in the game cares

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