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5/7/2021 11:43:52 PM

[PSN] xPro Gaming Looking for Dedicated Guardians | New and Experienced Players Welcome | 18+ | Discord | Crucible | Raids | Clan Events | Friendly Community | Youtubers also Needed

Welcome Guardian, xPro Gaming is a clan that strives to help guardians through the destiny grind. We're more than just a clan, we're a growing friendly community that wants to add more guardians to be part of our xPro family to play alongside with. We're a clan that has been around for over a year with 60+ active members and looking to grow. We welcome both casual players and hardcore players to our ranks and no one will make you feel unwelcomed. [spoiler] [b]About us [/b] xPro Gaming has first been established as a destiny 2 clan Last year and since then we've built our PSN team, our PC team as well as a GTA crew for any guardians that want a break from the game and still play with the family. Our aim is to be the main hub for players of any calibre to talk and hang out as well as the main source for most players to come to for help with destiny 2 or to play and meet fellow guardians. [b]Discord Rules[/b] - Be friendly towards your fellow clan mates. - Be patient with your team (don't rage quit). - Stay active, being inactive in game for a month will result in a kick. We don't require players to chat on discord as long as you use it to join in on clan events and to keep updated with how we're doing. - Be helpful towards your clanmates. If you're busy and you see your clanmate needing help, try your best to reply to the player and say you'll do it later (it looks much better that way then getting no response and the player now feels unwelcome). - We encourage everyone to play with each other, Please don't leave anyone out (especially if they want to play with you). - We don't approve of cheating in-game or to disobey bungie rules, please don't. - Please avoid touchy conversations (Stuff like religion, Politics etc.). - As pointed above, we love memes, however please be careful while posting as it may offend others. - We've separated the channels so players can use them to gain help on a certain topic, please do not post anything in those channels which isn't relevant to them. Look at the channel guidelines section if you're confused. - use of LFG, we don’t promote the use of lfg however we don’t demote it. All we ask is if you want to raid or play any activity, ask the clan first. You should know by now we’re about playing and helping each other. If we catch you lfg an event and haven’t asked without a good reason not to ask the clan will result in a removal from the clan. [b]Why Should I join xPro Gaming ?[/b] Quite simply because we've got a group of ambitious players that want to achieve great things with this clan for this clan and we feel that you'll whether you're an experienced player or a new player to the game you're more than capable of helping us get to the levels we want to set for our clan. [b]For Beginners[/b] As a beginner new to the game, you're fortunate to have a great sherpa team who is eager to help you through the game. Yes we're not always around due to our numbers but what we tell all our players is patience is greatly rewarded and no one is left unanswered and everyone gets help when asked. [b]For Sherpas[/b] Like I said above we've got a great sherpa team and feel you can only but improve our team. We've got a great bunch of talented players who are all wanting to play alongside you. We have a group chat where everyone who's part of the clan is welcome to join to chat and play alongside your friends. [b]YouTube Team[/b] We're also currently looking to recruit YouTube creators weather you play the game of not to be able to help with our projects for our clan channel: aswell as promoting your content on our channel to help you gain viewers and subscribers. [b]What if I don't fit in ?[/b] We apologize in advance if we aren't what you look for in a clan but one thing which is granted is we're always working on making the server friendly for anyone.[/spoiler] [b][u]How do I Join ?[/u][/b] 1.) Upvote this Post (This helps get our name out there) 2.) Join one of the clans below depending on what platform you play on. 3.) Check the chat once you've been accepted for the discord link. 4.) Follow the instructions on the server to confirm your gaming platform. 5.) Welcome to xPro :) [url=] JOIN HERE[/url] Thank you for taking the time to read and we hope to chat to you soon! :)

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