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IOSIS: Semi-casual clan w/endgame PvE focus. [PC][+17][EU/NA]

Hello everyone! Iosis is an established semi-casual clan, orientated towards tackling new and challenging content, while still hosting an active and friendly community. Are you a new player looking guidance and advice? Are you a returning player? Are you a Vet looking for a fresh clan to start the new season with? Then we might be for you! ~~~ Our goal is to offer an active Destiny community and a space to share and enjoy the game we play. We as a clan value community above all and expect the same from our members. We pride ourselves over being experts at both Sherpas and teaching raid mechanics thoroughly, so absolutely no experience is required. ~~~ Requirements: •Must speak English •Be 17+ •Must have a Discord •Must have a microphone •Keep healthy drama-free environment •Active both in-game and in the Discord •Own the expansions ~~~ How to Join: 1) Join our Discord: [url=]Iosis Clan Discord[/url] 2) Read the Guidelines and Contact an Admin in the discord

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