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Editado por CliffClipper: 5/15/2021 3:44:08 PM

Hot Take: F2P shouldn’t have access to VoG, only Beyond Light DLC owners should





what the title says... F2P be getting almost the whole ass season for nothing, only benefit in buying the season is getting more xp and a battle pass VoG is an endgame activity! The whole point if F2P was supposed to be like a tease or demo for those players to buy the game. Now they’re just straight up giving them free endgame content wtf! Edit: I like how all the guardians saying no are the ones going out of their way to shit on me for my opinion yet the majority of people answering the poll are saying yes and don’t comment bc they agree XD ☠️ Edit 2: Bro bungie with this season lowered spoils from DSC and can’t get pinnacle drops from it anymore pretty much rendering the value of the paid player.. If they wanted to do this they should’ve put VoG behind the season pass

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