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Spice Nation is Looking for Endgame Players PC ONLY NA/EU

[b][i]An upvote on this post would help greatly so others who would be interested can see! Please read the following and DM me directly if you are interested in joining our clan. I will respond with a discord link and give an interview to fill you in on some finer points. If it sounds like a good fit for both parties, we can move forward and put you on the roster.[/i] [/b] [b]Requirements[/b]: PC ONLY CLAN, Ages 18+, Must have Discord, NA/EU. [b]Roster Availability:[/b] [i]Currently we are looking for another 8 members who fit the descriptions below.[/i] [b]Expectations of Members:[/b] [i]-Discord is a must use if you are a part of our roster. If you are not active after 7 days and haven't contacted myself or an admin about needing time away, that results in a removal from the roster. We are very relaxed and don't need the actual reasoning for time off, just let us know you'll be gone for "x" amount of time.[/i] [b]Must have at Least one Flawless, Day 1, or Trio (low man) Raid Clear in the current lineup of Raids (DSC, GoS, LW).[/b] -[i]I understand if you are looking for a group to accomplish this with, you might not have those clears but are willing to do them with our group. That is ok and we can discuss it over a discord meeting.[/i] [b]Future Goals of the Clan[/b] -[i]Over time, we would like to have a tight group of at least 12 players that are passionate about Destiny and have that passion translate into the activities we do. -12 players that are extremely dedicated would allow us to have 4 groups of 3 for each new release and its content. This also allows us to have 2 raid groups for Day 1 Raids and placements in Raid Races.[/i] [i]-We are Looking to place top 50 for VoG and Witch Queen Raid Race. -Comp Trials of Osiris and Casual runs for armor/weapons.[/i]

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