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4/26/2021 3:26:37 AM

stasis didnt kill pvp (inm talking to bungie, not the community)

the removal of sbmm did. stasis made the game SLIGHTLY more fun after you made it to where id NEVER have fun with guns. i have no chance to even compete with the others im matched with, because i suck at pvp. so why in yalls right mind am i matched with people who dont suck? i cant even eye into a target before either them or someone else kills me before i even knew its a thing. crucible has been consistent SHIT since the removal of sbmm. please, add it back into the game. this games feels just a sweaty and quick death as counter-strike now, and its saddening. seriously how am i expected to improve at all when i just span, get felwinterd, flossed on, rinse and repeat until i eventually just alt + f4 out of 100% pure demoralizing , depression inducing, sweat filled nonsense. yes, if you're THAT good, you should absolutely have the sweatiest hell holes for matches, because otherwise, players like me, who used to have a fun time, going 18 kills and 5 deaths with like 3 assists back in sbmm days. now i struggle to get even a single kill because everyone is just THAT much better that me. why not just match me, a shit player, with other shit players. so that not only can we even have an avenue to improve, but good players arnt losing matches soley because they were unlucky enough to have me on their team. this is my favorite game, and i have supported it for a looong time. but im feeling scorned, many people are scorned. i know many people that outright quit because after sbmm was removed, the game became absolutely unplayable for them. also, the solstice 2019 armor glows not being able to be made universal is actually bull crap. i PAYED for that glow, and now its 100% worthless. you could just make it to where if you made the item an ornament you should get one for each glow you own and one for the base 2019 solstice appearance. i mean it was 10$ a pop for thoes glows, and now i also have to pay money to make the items i already payed for, a universal ornament, but i wont even get what i payed for?!?!?!? at the very least refund all the silver players spent on the 2019 glows, because now i feel like you stole 20$ from me.

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