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4/29/2021 9:45:26 PM

“Poof!” antigo

Get rid of “cannot reacquire randomized gear”

Transmog is coming up. You’re intentionally limiting the amount of armor we can transmog. If I’m going to make the decision to transmog a set of armor, I need to be able to see how the full set looks from all angles before I do that. Currently, I can’t reaquire any of the old Trials, Iron Banner, any of the Reckoning gear, any Menagerie, Black Armory, Tangled Shore, or any of the seasonal gear like the Righteous or Substitutional Alloy sets. They’re all locked out of reacquisition because we can’t reacquire randomized gear. How am I supposed to decide on an armor set to transmog if I have a limited number of transmogs AND I can’t build a full set to make sure I want to transmog it?

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