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4/22/2021 6:31:03 PM

Feedback about newest TWAB concerning transmog

I'm using this post as an opportunity to object to the bad-faith business practices that are going to be implemented next season. The "Synth" material system is exceedingly limited, and very transparently designed to milk money out of the player base. This mindset goes entirely against the stated reason of allowing players to have more freedom with in-game appearance. Furthermore, the amount of disregard for players this move shows is simply astronomical, Bungie is not Amazon or Google, who treat their users as numbers who generate money for them! Bungie should be better than this! If it was at all possible, I would be sending a very strongly-worded email to bungie, however; they have made every effort to obscure their contact information, and offer no way to file official complaints (which is sleazy in it's own way, but outside the bounds of this post). I do not believe the staff member(s) who approved this change have the appropriate player-focused mindset, and instead are too focused on the bottom line for their department, or for the company as a whole. As such, I believe these staff should receive official write-ups, or be let go from their departments, or from the company. Bad faith business practices will not bring Bungie forward into the future, instead only alienate its customers.

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