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4/21/2021 9:14:36 AM

[Bug Report] Erroneous and highly noticeable UV light/shadow layer covering the mouths of player characters on next gen consoles.

(This is a more informed continuation of a previous issue written back in March 15, 2021. As of this ticket writing, the issue has not yet been resolved. ) There is an erroneous UV lighting/shadow layer that displays on the faces of player characters who are not wearing their helmets. This layer resembles a "mouth mask" with numerous vertical stripes along the entirety of this "mask". For some reason, this "mask" does not go from ear to ear beginning at the player character's right ear and stopping just before reaching the player character's left ear. (Displayed in the following links). Previously, it was thought that this issue only affected Awoken Player characters, but upon further observation, this weird "shadow/glowy mouth" issue can affect any player character race. However it is important to note that this UV layer issue seems to only affect certain variations of faces (particularly the many face variations of Humans and Awoken), but not ALL faces. Some faces were observed to be fine with smooth accurate shadowing, while others had this issue. As stated in my previous mentioned ticket, this issue was observed right after upgrading to a PS5 and was never encountered when playing on a PS4. I believe the reason for this seems to be connected to the Field of View (FOV) capabilities only present on next gen hardware. When the FOV slider is moved all the way up to 105, the "shadow mouth" layer displays quite clearly across the player character's mouth. When the FOV slider is at 75 and below, the Shadow Mouth layer doesn't display. Because of this, I surmise the game may be inaccurately calculating the low resolution face shadow "Level of Detail" (LOD) (ie: the low res, blocky face shadows that should only display on a character that is very very far away from the game camera, is actually displaying those low res layers at a much closer distance to the game camera). I unfortunately don't know the true intricacies to these mechanics in Destiny 2, I'm just reporting what I'm seeing (the following links show this in more visual detail). Another final interesting observation is that this Shadow Mouth layer always seems to be the same color as the player character's hair. (For example... If a player character has black hair, the Shadow Mouth layer will be black, if the Hair is white, the Shadow Mouth Layer will be white...observe the following links). (So, If all this turns out to not be a bad UV shadows/lighting layer, then the only other thing I can surmise this issue to be is an erroneous hair texture layer that seems to also react not only to a high FOV, but is also being weirdly calculated in the face LOD as well!) So Bungie....Overall, I know there are a ton of very important issue to fix in Destiny 2, but please fix this issue as soon as you can. The many, MANY faces of your Guardians will thank you! Thanks for your time!

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