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Editado por Lord Magris: 4/17/2021 5:27:24 PM

Nova Warp Super has Occasional

Okay, I know the servers have been pretty bad lately and things don't want to work right here and there, but this issue here has happened to me 5 times in the Crucible this week (just a little bit too often compared to other things). This is [i]one[/i] of the clips I recorded of it. Players in this clip who are very much in range of the explosion do not take any damage with no hit registration. If I were to live after the attack failed, the next explosion would work as intended. This is regular Xbox One footage. I do not have this issue with other supers. The problem here is that I can't really test it and figure out what's going on with how glitchy the game has been. It's either a problem with the super or for some reason I'm triggering the damage ref, which my internet has been just peachy lately, so I doubt it's something on my end. Even Handheld Supernova and my melee is working fine, just not the super. EDIT: After more gameplay, I encountered the issue again and I also had it happen to Handheld Supernova and my melee both in one moment and no one was teleporting on my end, so it appears to be the damage ref and connection to the game. The bar was acting weird the entire match but in some other matches, it was completely stable and there were only issues with specific players. Due to the inconsistency, I think it might be related to who the host is of the match and/or just the connection to that particular session in general. I can't rule out the servers having issues though, because just about everyone I've played with lately have been complaining about the same thing, including LFG players. Still playing on Xbox. EDIT 2: I almost forgot that Iron Banner makes the connection worse for some reason. Iron Banner lag, as I always call it. This might clear up after the weekly reset.

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