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Editado por WickedWitch: 4/14/2021 8:23:09 PM

Banner Shield is FUBAR

Sometimes I hit the Block button and the banner barrier does not come up, I am just standing their looking super'd with the typical round shield in my hand. At that point I can't do anything with the round shield at all (like throw it :-|). And when the banner barrier is up, I can't do a res; I see the 'Revive' prompt and I press/hold the appropriate key, but the res does not happen even though the circular time indicator updates. Last time I was trying I suddenly got disconnected... No I don't have video of this. Wasn't expecting such spectacular failures. Guess I should have known better, with all the garbage bugs that have been in BL. What a FUBAR mess. Oh yeah this keeps happening in the GMNF. Along with teammates getting meaninglessly killed by terrain. Nice. Not. BTW, this is on PC, Windows 10, i have all DLC's, hardwired to router, connection stats are way above minimum (just now 320+ down, 20+ up, 17 ping), GPU is RTX 3080, CPU is i9-10850K, stupid amounts of space on both onboard SSD's, Nvidia cache recently cleared, yadda yadda yadda. Before someone asks or assumes it's some kind of obvious problem at my end.

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