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4/13/2021 3:20:04 PM

"Second Chances" Emblem reward - Issue

Platform: PC Issue: In season of the Hunt I picked up the new light intro quest on my warlock. I completed it up to the point of the tower intro quest gambit portion. When I was close to finishing this quest I reset my infamy and the quest got bugged. on DIM it said I had gained -999,999 infamy on that step. I decided to abandon the quest and wait until the bug was fixed. In season of the Chosen I picked the quest back up from the tower kiosk for quests. I completed the gambit quest. I checked on my bungie rewards to see if I could claim the emblem. I could not. I don't know if I have missed doing something in game but I have claimed all my triumphs and checked collections the emblem isn't there I don't want to do the quest again. If any further info is needed let me know. Thank you.

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