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12/28/2020 9:04:00 PM

Xur Cipher didnt got send to Postmaster

Dear support, today at 9:50 pm CET i completed the xenology-quest of xur on my warlock-character and went to the tower to xur to get my cipher. What i didnt notice is that my inventory was full. The quest completed and i got the cipher displayed on the right side of my screen, however it was not placed in the inventory since it was full. I assumed it will be sent to the postmaster than, however this didnt happen either, so the quest was completed but i didnt receive a cipher. This is clearly a bug to me. Can you please investigate this and maybe "restore" the quest or the cipher for me? Or alteast confirm its a bug that if you have a full inventory you cant claim the cipher. Thank you very much Regards, BadUncle23

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