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The XFINITY Zoo of Error Codes

I'm sure you can see the slew of other posts with relatively the same issue. - This all started about a month ago, sometime during the week of the 25th of September. - XFINITY ISP *edit few others in comments (Shaw and Rogers, Rogers uses XFINITY, Spectrum)* - Receiving error codes: Baboon, Anteater followed by a bat moments after rejoining (probably related) - I have contacted XFINITY over 10 times about this issue, even had someone come out and check all of my stuff and they said it was fine. - I have no issues in any other game at all, just Destiny (of course the game I want to play) - I cannot run Trials of Osiris due to this it completely destroys trials cards - I have no doubt in my mind this is going to ruin the Beyond Light experience for other XFINITY users not just myself, so this really, really needs to be addressed before hand. - I'm East Coast (PA) if this helps at all *edit turns out it's happening everywhere* -Everyone having the same issues upvote so we can get their attention - I've tried everything possible to fix the issue so don't comment with a fix, this is clearly out of our hands at this point *UPDATE* - In The 10/29/2020 TWAB they said they acknowledged users having these issues, hopefully there is a fix soonish

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