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Editado por A Traffic Cone: 10/22/2020 8:12:13 PM

Does it bother anyone else we STILL can't 1 tap ads to the head with a handcannon?

We could in D1. And its still stupid I have to use 2 or more shots to kill a red bar ad like an average Vandal or Acolyte. It makes no sense EDIT: Handcannons aren't the only weapons suffering here. But taking 3 headshots to kill 1 thrall is stupid. EDIT 2: yes, you can 1 shot ads with 150s in patrols and such. I know that. But going into actual leveled game play areas, like Raids, Gambit, NF, Dungeons, etc.. you can't. The point is that in D1 you could take a 140 into a raid and not have to empty the mag to get 3 kills. We have lost damage when we shouldn't have and that's whats annoying

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