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Looking for new members

Welcome to the imperium™ Am reaching out in the community this time for some women out there who are wanting to join a friendly clan and havent quite found one yet, I am not very good at speaking to people who I don't really know, but this clan is so very different from others, the founder is always willing to help whether it's your first raid or your fiftieth, he will do all the nitty gritty stuff and so will the majority of the clan. We have a really good Admin team and lots of friendly clan members it would be nice to have some more female company in here to join our clan. A friendly clan which is hard to come by, many people from all over playing different aspects of the game together, we do this through using discord which is a requirement for you to join, on becoming part of the clan. We really have become very close and our discord is our home. We have lots of people willing to help for those just starting out, someone wanting to get a raid clear, or if you are stuck with a seal that's not completed and just need that little bit of help towards it. There will be always be someone in the clan who knows the answer to your question and whatever it is you want to do, we will have someone that can always help. Thank you for choosing The Imperium™

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