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10/22/2020 10:49:50 AM

Resurrected by Light UK/EU PS4 clan.

Description says it all pretty much. We are pretty laid back but we get stuff done. Here to play the game and have a laugh then we're for you. Members play all the content and we run several raids a week so there are always chances to learn if you have never raided before. No major requirements. Just join our discord and have a mic so you can talk to others. Our members are helpful and friendly people; join party chat anytime you want (you'll be added to our PSN group message) and if you need a hand with something ask people there or in the discord. We're all about active members who play with each other so as long as you get involved you'll have a great experience. Check us out and message me if interested 👍. Or if you send a join request check your Bungie messages please as I'll contact you with our Discord info.

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