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10/21/2020 11:12:30 PM

Just some gamers looking to read some books by the fire :D [PC/XBOX/PS4] [LGBTQ FRIENDLY] [18+]

Are you a nerd for Destiny? Are you tired of the daily solo grind? Just want to find that spark that started it all? Well we can certainly help with that and also have some fun along the way! Welcome to The Archive! We are a growing community of 300+ members from all over the globe and every platform [Xbox/PC/PS4] Come use our LFG channels Talk about Destiny Lore (it's what we do) Share your achievements and hard earned loot Shoot the shit in our General chats Talk about your excitement for the DLC in our Tower Courtyard The neat thing is, you don't even have to be in one of our 6 clans to just hang out! Message one of our Admins or Leadership about joining a clan, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll see you soon Guardian.

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