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10/21/2020 10:24:12 PM

❤️ Safe Haven [SH] | PC | Nice & Friendly Community! | NA/EU | ❤️

[url=]Click Here[/url] to join our server! Come join us for season of arrivals! We are a PC clan with amazing members and have plenty of great people that just want to help everyone have a good time! Safe Haven is a Community aiming to be a safe and friendly environment for all Destiny 2 players to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a clan or just looking for a place to play and have fun, Safe Haven is the place to be! We have 13 clans and three of them are specifically for EU! Apply to one of our 10 NA Clans or 3 EU Clans! 1 of the NA and EU clans are high activity clans that have higher activity requirements. The rest are more casual clans with lower activity requirements. If you're wanting to join, please jump into our Discord! (it's a requirement to join). Not looking to join our clan? Join our discord anyway to hang out and play! We welcome anyone and everyone! Here is our discord link! [u][b]How to join us:[/b] 1. Please upvote this post! 2. Join the discord! ( 3. Read the #💚start-here💚 channel in the discord and follow the directions! If you have any questions, ask them in #server-support in our discord![/u]

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