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10/21/2020 9:26:44 PM

[NA/PC] |18+| House Endeavor | Recruiting New and Seasoned Guardians! | PVP/PVE Sherpas | All are Welcome |

[i][b]"Join us..For Our Dominance Will Prevail"[/b][/i] [i][b]House Endeavor[/b][/i] is looking to expand it's ranks with some new faces or seasoned vets. We have Sherpa's who are always willing to teach Raids, dungeons and other endgame content for the inexperienced or just want some chill people to grind with in PVE or PVP as Beyond Light releases soon. Read and respect the rules of the clan and each other and we look forward to seeing you in our fireteam! [b][u]Follow Steps to Join[/u][/b] [u]1. Upvote post[/u] [u]2. Leave a comment [/u] [u]3. If accepted joining Discord is [b]REQUIRED[/b][/u]

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