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10/21/2020 4:48:28 PM

Come join Bulletheads! ALL ARE WELCOME! Worldwide clan with XB1/Steam/PSN communities

[u][b]TLDR Version:[/b][/u] Need a new clan to get you through Destiny 2 content before it gets vaulted while having a super awesome time? Come join our active, friendly, drama-free community that’s willing to help with any and all activities regardless of skill! We welcome all adult/respectful guardians and have very easy-to-meet seasonal requirements for in-game activity and clan participation. Discord registration and use are a must, but if you’re new to it, we’ll help you figure it out! Plenty of both casual and avid PvE/PvP players alike, you’ll find your clan fam with Bulletheads! If you like what you hear and that’s enough for you, skip down to “How to Join” (at the bottom and before clan links) and follow our simple steps to become…[b]ONE OF US.[/b] *** [b]DISCLAIMER:[/b] We are in the process of building up the Sherpa and Raid Instruction programs for PSN and need talented Guardians willing to help in these areas! Leadership opportunities abound! * [u][b]Who We Are:[/b][/u] The Bullethead motto is “All are welcome” and we take that motto very seriously. We are a group of friendly, active Destiny 2 players of all shapes, sizes, colors, and beliefs. Our clan has 6 XBOX sub-clans organized according to time zone, 2 PC sub-clans, 1 PSN sub-clan and over 600 members in our Discord server. * [u][b]Who You Are:[/b][/u] A fellow Guardian looking for a true community. Someone searching for a clan that readily offers help with any activity when needed. A person that wants to have fun playing Destiny, but more importantly, make friends along the way. A believer in reciprocity, paying it forward, and helping each other out. A Bullethead. [i]While Bulletheads is an adult clan, we don't check IDs. As long as your parent(s)/guardian(s) are OK with you being in an adult clan, you follow the rules, and you are respectful of your fellow clan members, you will not be removed because of your age.[/i] * [u][b]Why Are We Recruiting?[/b][/u] We never stop recruiting. Founded on 3 February 2018, we’re always looking for new active members to keep our BTHD community thriving! * [u][b]What To Expect From Us:[/b][/u] In our Bulletheads Discord server, you’ll find a well-organized and friendly space to meet Guardians of every flavor that treat each other with respect. The atmosphere is really laid back and drama free. Our helpful staff are always present and available to assist any member with anything that comes up. * [u][b]What We Offer:[/b][/u] - We pride ourselves on our Raid Training program to help anyone learn raids whether you’re just starting out or have been around since day 1. - We have an excellent Sherpa program where our trainers are willing to teach and guide you through whatever quest you want to learn more about. - Every month our schedule is packed with inner clan activities: From Sub-Clan Nights out to Monthly PvP and PvE Tournaments!! * [u][b]What We Expect From You:[/b][/u] First and foremost, we want you to be comfortable, feel respected, welcomed, and to have fun! To that end, all clan members must abide by our Bullethead Community Rules. We also want you to join the rest of our Bulletheads Family in playing Destiny 2 and defending the Last Free City!! To encourage involvement in our community, we measure in-game activity and participation in our Discord channels throughout a Season using Discord Bots like Charlemagne! It’s required that clan mates strive towards certain levels of rank in both categories (by playing D2 with fellow clan mates and communicating through Discord). Just play with clan mates in game and chat in the discord and you’ll be fine! If you need to take a break from the game for real life things, let your clan admin know to be placed on a Do Not Kick List for 30 days, and come back when you’re ready! *** [u][b]How To Join:[/b][/u] 1. Join our Discord Server by following this link: [i][b](Required For Membership)[/b][/i] 2. In Discord, go to the direct message you receive from our Yui Bot. 3. Follow [b]ALL[/b] of the registration and server setup instructions from the Yui Bot [b]in order.[/b] 4. Once all steps are completed, an Admin will accept your clan request, and you’re officially a Bullethead! If you have any questions or need help completing the steps, just let us know in our #support-channel. [i]Keep in mind when choosing a sub-clan that the [b]XBOX sub-clans[/b] are organized by [b]time zone.[/b] We recommend that all new members join a sub-clan that will be playing when they expect to most often play.[/i] [i][b]Once a Bullethead, always a Bullethead!!![/b][/i] __________________________________________________________________ * [u][b]Xbox Clan Links:[/b][/u] ALPHA (Time Zone: Pacific/Mountain US) - BRAVO (Time Zone: Pacific/Mountain US) - CHARLIE (Time Zone: Central/Eastern US) - DELTA (Time Zone: Central/Eastern US)- ECHO (Time Zone: Central/Eastern US) - FOXTROT (Time Zone: Europe & Australia) - __________________________________________________________________ * [u][b]PSN Clan Link:[/b][/u] DIV 1 - __________________________________________________________________ * [u][b]PC Clan Links:[/b][/u] Team 1 - Team 2 -

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