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10/21/2020 2:58:02 PM

[PC] [PS4] TCT is recruiting YOU Guardian

[quote]Rally the people, the undying children. Show each of them your Light. With threats ever-looming within and without Will you be Worthy, when you face the Night?[/quote] ~ Do you look around and feel lost in a sea of negativity? Are you sick of 'KWTD' and 'Must have [INSERT OBNOXIOUS ITEM HERE]' wherever you go? Do you dream of a better tomorrow? You are not alone, Guardian. TCTGaming is a place where Tomorrow, truly, Comes Today. We are a (primarily) 18+ gaming community which values people before statistics. We were built on a culture of acceptance and willingness to both teach and learn, where all gamers can support one another in something they love. We form close friendships and strive for a family feeling. We only ask that our members be respectful, mature (most of the time) and that they leave their salt at the door. **This is a low-sodium zone!** We value clan involvement and have random competitions in our Discord server. We are a mixed bag of gamers, scattered all over the world. Despite our distance, we consider one another family. Most of us play in the US evenings and nights (regardless of location), but as we grow, more and more activity is seen around the clock!!! We have dedicated clans in [i]Destiny 2[/i], [i]Warframe[/i], and [i]The Division 2[/i], but play much much more. Our bonds have only grown, sparked through a shared love of games. From the casual to the hardcore, we came to play... but we stayed for the connections we forge. ~ [b]Destiny Clans:[/b] PC: [url=]Tomorrow Comes Today*[/url], [url=]Tomorrow-Comes-Today*[/url] PS4: [url=]Tomorrow Comes Today[/url], [url=]Tomorrow-Comes-Today[/url] and [url=]TomorrowComesToday[/url] [i]For those using cross-save, join a clan for the platform you play on most![/i] [b]Where/when:[/b] Most of our members are in the US and Canada, however, our European, Asian and Oceanian members are growing in number!! The majority of our members group up in line with the US early-afternoon to the early hours of the morning. ~ [b]Rules:[/b] We have very few rules, but those we have contribute to the safe and supportive culture we endeavour to maintain. [b]1. You must join the Discord server.[/b] Even if you do not wish to join a clan, the server is open to all! You are welcome to join to team up/chat/chill/show us your pets! [b]2. We are an 18+ community.[/b] We are adults with jobs, families, studies and life and really want to just enjoy playing. There are very few exceptions to this rule (by arrangement only!). [b]3. Be mature, kind and nontoxic.[/b] We are all adults and are capable of acting as such. Calm those tempers, put your feet up and relax. We want to have a good time and will support anyone of any ability through any activity. [b]4. Be moderately active and aim to play with clanmates where you can.[/b] Okay, okay, life can get in the way. No worries! Just please let us know if you need to take an extended absence. We will never penalise life!!! Aim to play at least once every three weeks, or let us know if you can't for any reason. We won't ask why. Just stay in touch! [b]5. Have fun![/b] Our most important rule of all and the reason we keep coming back to the games we love! ~ If you would like to come along, reply to this post and we will get you sorted out! You can also check out our [url=]website[/url]! Can't wait to see you starside, Guardian!

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