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10/21/2020 2:32:57 PM

21+ PS4 clan. Raids. Golf ball farming. Triumphs. Crucible. Gambit.

[b]Guests are welcome in the Discord, the clan tag is not required. If you are interested in the clan tag, please socialize for a couple days first.[/b] [u]Us:[/u] -Mid-size clan that has been around for over 6 years. -Our member count normally hovers in the range of 60-80. -Enough people to get multiple raids and crucible teams going each day while everyone still knows each other. -Hybrid of both American and European timezones. -We all have jobs and families so obviously not playing 24/7 but we do get into all endgame content such as Flawless raids, Speedruns, Low-Man raids, GM NF's, and all aspects of crucible. -It is a very social group. We are always discussing builds in the Discord and always have PSN chats up for whoever is online. [u]You:[/u] -Social and Interactive. -Mature adult. -Are 1060 and owns the DLC's -Into end game content (unless you are a crucible main)

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