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publicado originalmente em: What's Loot [PS4] [PVE Endgame] [NA] [18+]
10/19/2020 6:48:59 AM
[quote]“What’s Loot Got to Do with It?” sums up exactly what this clan stands for: friendships, adventure, fun. We grind raids, nightfalls and dungeons. Mostly PVE focused, but we also play trials, Iron Banner, and survival. Do you prefer building new friendships rather than a one-night stand on LFG? Need help finishing your to-do list before content vaulting begins? Then join What's Loot! If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for and want to explore Beyond Light with a clan of fun, meme-slinging, guardians then look no further! Please simply reply to this post or DM me if you are interested in applying or have questions! **We are particularly interested in adding a few hardcore PVE-ers to our ranks. (Chill and goofy over sweaty saltlords)** Discord and mic required. 18+. Most active on weekday evenings and weekends (mostly EST/CST). P.S. We care about the loot.[/quote] I’m interested in joining

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