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Editado por KingCrayzee: 10/7/2020 5:23:02 PM

D3VIANTZ - New Clan Recruiting!! PVE/RAIDS/QUESTS

Clan's name: [b]D3VIANTZ[/b] System(s): [b]PS4[/b] Location: [b]East Coast, USA (EST)[/b] Chill and casual group looking to add other chill people to our clan! Whether you’re a casual player or super grind heavy, we wanna just have fun and play the game. All levels welcome! If you’re cool with being patient and building with us as we grow that would be awesome! Right now, we just focus on completing weekly tasks and quests to help each other out, but we eventually want to get a large enough group for raids and maybe PVP! Please let us know a little about you, so we can learn who we are playing with as well! Hope to hear from you all :)

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