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10/6/2020 3:56:10 PM

Did something happen to Destiny Servers this week?!

Starting at the weekly reset, (last Tuesday), I started getting baboon and anteater error codes quite frequently. It was not simply Iron banner matches where it was happening either, so I know I wasn't getting ddossed. I was really surprised because at first I realized that my Ethernet Cable was not plugged in, but even after I plugged it in it was still happening. I got more disconnects this week than I think I have in my entire time playing Destiny 2, (not including Destiny because I do remember having some major issues with Iron Banner). Thankfully they were just minor blips, and I would get reconnected to my activity fairly quickly, but it was still annoying, especially in PVP. Joining into matches and having every guardian that you look at be invisible is super annoying and makes combat 10x harder. I would like to believe that this is not an issue with my internet, since I am paying for Gigabit internet, and just upgraded my cable that was running to my console this Friday so that I could actually get the full gigabit connection. I got mildly frustrated with this this week, and hope that it does not continue.

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