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10/2/2020 6:43:31 PM

Getting Baboon and Anteater errors after upgrading my Internet to 1Gbps. Why, why, why? So frustrating.

I'm at my wit's end. I literally never had a connection error with Destiny 2 until my internet contract was up and I had a chance to get a good deal on a superfast 1Gbps package. So why does 1Gbps on a PS4 connected by Ethernet cable add up to connection errors? Now I get Baboon errors a lot and sometime Anteater errors. I have gone through almost every conceivable error troubleshooting procedure listed by Bungies and others I've seen on these forums and the web. Still problems. Could it be that this connection is just too fast for the game? I know not that many people have 1Gbps connections out there, so maybe somehow the game isn't designed for this. Or is it just a coincidence and Bungie is having server issues that started just about when I got my connection upgrade. Anyone else experiencing connection issues even though you have an extremely fast connection, and if so, did you find any fix? Thanks for any responses.

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