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10/2/2020 3:35:25 PM

Straddle My Cabals [XBOX] [16+] [PVE/P]

I know that right now a lot of people are in limbo trying to figure out what they should do in destiny. Well this task is a much greater challenge when you're alone. In our clan here we take pride in helping our members at their own pace. You see, the biggest problem we've all ran into is something along the lines of "I want to do a raid" so you decide to find a group but it seems everyone wants you to know what to do. Well this is a struggle for a solo player because you may have watched a video but you don't truly know into you get your hands dirty. What I'm getting at is we do old and new content (Especially the content that's getting vaulted in November) but we would love to have some new people to tag along with us. If you're interested please message me on Xbox at VIZE Maytard or at Maytard through bungie thank you!

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