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PS4 | PvE Raiding Clans | Asgard and Valhalla

Asgard is an established clan that cater only to the best of the best in destiny’s world. An adult clan keen on perfecting all end game content from PVE to PVP. Members should have keen insight and knowledge of the game on all levels. With this we have a basic minimum stat requirements and an invite only policy and trial period. Prove your worth to the gods and be praised in the halls of Odin for you can become the true Aesir of Destiny! We would like to invite players active in raiding and endgame activities to join Asgard and with enough dedication, you can join our sister clan Valhalla. Our guardians are the best of the best & chase down every pursuit the game has to offer. If you think you'd fit in with us, please follow our discord link below and post a link to your raid report for consideration. Sadly, we cannot accept everyone, so we are a bit selective. Once we've reviewed everything, we'll be in touch with you. WHAT WE LOOK FOR : -High raid clears (most of our members have hundreds of FULL clears!) -Flawless & Low-man tags on Raid Report (the more the better!) -Solo Flawless Dungeons -Conqueror & Titles are a huge plus! DISCORD USE IS REQUIRED! If you are interested in joining please apply in our recruitment server : We look forward to playing with you!

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