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9/30/2020 7:15:05 PM

Clanvicts are recruiting for Xbox!

Good day Guardians! Thank you for noticing the post. We ( The ClanVicts) have just expanded our clan! We're looking for new recruitment's to join our branched clan " ClanVicts: CellBlock A". We are a very active clan in everything in the solar system including; - Quick-play - Competitive - Raids - Pve - Limited Time Events We now use Discord as our main source of communication as talking with the other branch of the clan would be nearly impossible. We have people/admins that teach raids all the time so if you are a new raider, we are willing to teach. if you have experience then we would love to run with you! In the crucible we have a lot of people who love to play competitive and laid back games. if you're wanting to play more comp and learn from others then this is definatly the clan for you as we have 70+ active players nearly all the time. We also have a healthy, large groups of accomplished raiders who plan on tackling the new raid on day one. We can also help you out with the other raids before they go away in November. Welcoming from any region. We're mostly an NA clan but have plenty of people from the EU so you will always have people to play with! For more information or if you have any questions please feel free to PM me - ClanVicts

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