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9/29/2020 6:25:25 PM

PC | NA | Acrylic Dreams | Looking for friendly and social members!

[b]PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION BEFORE REQUESTING TO JOIN THE CLAN OR JOINING OUR DISCORD.[/b] [quote] - Joining the discord is required, and once you join it you will be required to read our clan rules, register with our bot, join our steam group, and update your nickname to match your steam profile name. If you request to join without first entering our discord, you will be banned from joining. - Please note that if you fail to comply with any of these prerequisites listed in our rules you will be removed from the discord, but understand that we have a fantastic staff team who is always willing to help on discord! - You will need to join discord AND request to join the clan on to become a member of this clan, links to each of these things are at the end of this post![/quote] [b]Alright! Now that we have all that technical mess out of the way, let me tell you all about our clan![/b] I’m Nut, and I’m the owner of Acrylic Dreams! I’m always looking for fun, social, and friendly new members to bring into the community I’ve built! In our clan, we have access to many wonderful luxuries, such as a 24/7 staff team, custom ranks, and even channels for memes and weekly resets! Additionally, we have a clean and efficient LFG/RSVP setup in our discord, for all your PVE and PVP group needs! Our clan plays together and completes all content, including raids, seasonal activities, blind well, escalation protocol, nightfall (including score runs), iron banner, gambit, competitive pvp, casual pvp, exotic dungeons (whisper, juju, outbreak, xenophage, etc), black armory forges, literally everything! You name it, we host it! While you're running those activities, you will earn custom ranks through a unique automated progression system which will reward you as you continue to be social in discord and complete content ingame with other clan members! My staff team and I do inactivity purges on a daily basis, and anyone who is inactive for more than a week is kicked from the clan and discord. Detailed information on this issue is available in our discord. As a result of these purges, we tend to average having about 20-35 people online at any given time, though it’s worth noting we are primarily an NA/EST clan. That being said, we’d love to have a constantly active community where removals are unnecessary, so we’re always looking for new dedicated members! [b]Basic Requirements:[/b] [quote]- Must play on PC. - Must be registered in our Discord. - Must be active in-game each week. - Must play on North American servers. - Must be social, friendly, and respectful. - Must read, write, and speak fluent English.[/quote] [b]That’s it! If you want to check us out, learn more, or just outright think we’d be a good fit for you, join our discord and clan via the links below.[/b] [quote][b]AD Discord:[/b] [b]AD Clan Page:[/b] [/quote] [b] (If you join, upvote this post so more players can see it! Thanks guys and gals!) [/b]

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