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9/30/2020 3:55:23 AM

Constant Anteater and Baboon errors

Hello, As of about 3-4 weeks ago I have been getting baboon and anteater error codes. I have noticed Baboons consistently happen when colliding with another player. Anteaters consistently happen when moving across jagged terrain too quickly. I play on PC. I have a wired connection. Attached is my speed test if that helps. What troubleshoot steps can I take? I have reinstalled the game, deleted the files within Roaming, and Attempting to use bridging mode on my modem/router combo supplied by my ISP. My ISP confirmed (at least by a T1 tech... So not very reliable) that there is not a connection issue. What can I do in regards to this issue and any troubleshooting steps that would be appropriate to help resolve this issue? It seems localized to only D2. I do not receive any packet loss errors in any other games or applications. Thanks in advance!

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