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publicado originalmente em: Why was I ban till beyond light?
9/30/2020 4:10:51 AM
[quote]I got ban at the beginning of the month. I was ban from all pvp till November 10 and I still never got an email or found out why. I would just like to know why I was ban so I can at least know if it was a fair ban of something I did.[/quote] there are only 2 reasons one can be restricted from pvp activities, one is [i]consistent[/i] connection issues and the second is cheating/playing with a cheater. I am going to assume it is the former and post bungie's statement on connection restrictions along with their tips for improving the connection. [spoiler][quote]Beginning soon, players with the most unreliable connections will receive an in-game warning. We know that connection quality is fluid, so don’t worry if you have occasional, temporary issues. If you receive one of these warnings, please visit the [url=]Network Troubleshooting Guide[/url]. If your connection does not improve, there are additional guides available that can help you in [url=]diagnosing advanced network issues[/url]. If all else fails, contact your ISP for assistance. If your connection does not improve after an in-game warning, and we continue detecting a negative impact on other Guardians, restrictions from PvP activities may be applied to your account. If a restriction is applied to your account, you will be unable to participate in PvP for two weeks. If you continue to play on an unreliable connection that harms the experience of other players, that restriction may be extended.[/quote] ([url=]source[/url])[/spoiler] If for some reason you are not able to improve the stability of your connection, it is recommended to refrain from playing pvp activities as the negative side effects of your connection will lead to longer restrictions. Connection based restrictions: 1st is 2 weeks 2nd is 2 months 3rd is permanent [b]If you would like assistance in troubleshooting, please list: Tested up and download speeds Latency Jitter Packet Loss How are you connected to the router[/b] [i]*I am not a Bungie representative, just a player trying to give the answers that are available.[/i]

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