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| PC/PS4 - Get Glimmer | Active ENDGAME ONLY clan | Discord required | 100+ members | Join us for Beyond Light! |

Guardians, Come conquer Beyond Light with GG. Day one raid groups are already forming, be a part of them! If you're a hardcore PvE player, welcome home. ***Please read the requirements below before posting.*** Requirements to join: 🔅— You must have 30 or more FULL clears in each of the year 2 raids and 30 or more FULL clears in Garden AND at least two Raid Report tags (flawless, three man, two man, week one, etc). [u]There may be some leniency with the raids that are being vaulted. [/u] This is not a Sherpa clan, we expect you to be proficient in the raids and the different roles. 🔅— Being active on our Discord server is a requirement. You need to have a presence in our community, talk and play with others. We also have chat channels for things other than D2 and lfg channels for other games such as Among Us and Fall Guys. A few things to know about us: ⭐️— Get Glimmer has been around since early 2017. All branches reach max rank every season. We have excellent player retention and receive positive feedback regularly on how well the clan is managed and how organized and convenient our Discord is. ⭐️— We are active in ALL aspects of the game but are primarily a PVE/raid/dungeon clan. ⭐️— We have built a great tight-knit community. Our admin team is attentive and passionate about the clan. There is always someone watching the Discord and helping, answering questions and sharing information. ⭐️— We do not tolerate toxicity, racism, sexism, and bullying. We take a zero tolerance approach to all those topics. If you are interested in joining our clan and community, drop an upvote on this post, leave a reply with what platform you play on, and an admin will dm you to chat. -P Check me out at

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