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publicado originalmente em: cant connect to character (pc)
9/29/2020 9:01:23 PM
Hey there! [url=]CHICKEN[/url] is an indicator that you are experiencing connection issues. Below are suggestions that may help with your issue: [quote][b]1.[/b] Use a wired connection rather than Wi-Fi [b]2.[/b] Contact your ISP about possible service interruptions [b]3.[/b] [url=]Clear your console cache[/url] or, if on PC, [url=]verify the integrity of your game files[/url]. [b]4.[/b] Power cycle your internet router [b]5.[/b] [url=]Improve your latency and packet loss[/url] [b]6.[/b] Follow Bungie’s [url=]Network Troubleshooting Guide[/url] for best optimizing your connection to Destiny. If issues persist, try the [url=]Advanced Steps Networking Guide[/url] for possible router solutions, such as enabling UPnP or changing your NAT type. [b]7.[/b] Enable IPV6 on your router to see if that helps [/quote]

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