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9/29/2020 4:52:04 PM

Looking for a PvP Clan… Become a FOE [PS4/ STEAM] [PvP] [25 clans in 1] [Discord required] [2000+ FOES] [18+]

Are you looking for more than your average PvP clan? Somewhere to hone your skills, work with others to improve, and chase PvP pinnacles? Or a place to build up a team, to chase that Unbroken or Flawless title? Then come see what [b]FOES[/b] has to offer! ... For PS4 [url=]Join Finest[/url] - [b]Ka/d of 1.5 or above required[/b] For STEAM [url=]Join Fiends[/url]- [b]Ka/d of 1.5 or above required[/b] [u]What’s on offer at FOES?[/u] *[b]Discord[/b]; home to all 25 clans, with 2000+ members there is always someone to talk to, and it’s easy to find the help you need. [It is a clan requirement that members join our Discord, link is provided upon joining] *[b]FOES Sherpas[/b]; a group of FOES dedicated to helping others learn and achieve their Destiny goals. *[b]Museum’s Weekly Raids[/b]; FOES weekly activity schedule, open to all members to join up, or add their own activity. *[b]Skirmish of the East Star[/b]; FOES Annual PvP tournament *[b]FOES Social Media[/b]; We are proud of our community, and the awesome Guardians that are our members. Check out our [url=]Instagram[/url] and [url=]Twitter[/url] to see more of their adventures! *[b]FOES Newletter[/b]; Subscribe to FOES Newsletter for weekly and monthly updates on what’s going on in FOES. And to be the first to know what FOES have planned! *[b]FOES Merchandise[/b]; We are proud to be launching our Merchandise this Summer. [u]How to join FOES PvP Clans?[/u] You must also be 18+ You must meet requirements as listed If you are looking for a PvE clan, check out our other FOES clans [url=]here[/url] We hope to see you soon Guardians... [b]FOES, we’ve all got one![/b] Cheers, MuseumofDragons

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