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9/26/2020 8:31:09 PM
Matty Parlay
Matty Parlay

@1072 antigo

Cross Save + Beyond Light Confusion

I need guidance on how to obtain Beyond Light (preorder preferred) with my Cross Save characters. Here’s my setup: I maintained characters on both Xbox and PlayStation but chose my PS characters to use for Cross Save when I started playing on Stadia. I will be playing Beyond Light on an Xbox Series X on November 10th and expect Cross Save to ‘[i]work[/i]’. The trouble seems to be [b]where to preorder[/b] if I want any bonus it gives. I no longer own an Xbox or PlayStation console so for now until 11/10 it’s Stadia and I’m pretty sure preordering it there [u]won’t[/u] carry over. Any guidance is appreciated. Stay safe and healthy. [b][/b] [b][/b]

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