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9/26/2020 5:37:10 AM

I'm being attacked by a wild tribe of Baboons and Anteaters.

Send help! But for real, I've been having this same problem for 7 days now. I first noticed it during Trials last Friday, and it was atrocious. Of the 15 games I played, there were disconnects in 5 of them. Tonight, I've disconnected twice walking to Xur. Yesterday, I was disconnect 4 times while just standing in the tower clearing out vault space. The weird thing about this issue is that I have someone else playing Destiny on the same router as me. Disconnects have never been a problem until now. He has no problem, while I'm getting hit the hardest. He's on a laptop using wireless, and I'm on a desktop using wired. It makes no sense. I've read several posts and comments recently from people recommending fixes like port forwarding, but nothing's worked. I am not having any outages in my area, and I am not experiencing this issue on any other games. I can stream my desktop to others and be in calls just fine. It's just that something happened last week on either Thursday or Friday that made the game totally unplayable for me since then. I have made not changes on my own device that would cause this. That said, I understand these issues take time to isolate and fix. I'd be fine simply being told "this is a known issue and we're investigating it," but I at least want to provide some more insight. Thank you.

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