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6/1/2020 12:29:04 PM

Item stored to (vault) from deleted character gone

Here is the case and the repro step 1. I bought CLVS - 241 SHELL (ghost shell that have guiding light for 600 silver) on char A 2. I transfer it to my new char (lets say char B) 3. I equip char B with some gear and that 241-SHELL 4. I decide to delete char B cause i want to change appearance 5. I transfer everything to vault first before i delete (including the ghost shell) 6. I delete char B 7. CLVS - 241 SHELL which i already put to vault is gone 8. Lets say i made mistake i forgot to transfer to vault 9. I cannot purchase the same item again cuz it said already purchased in your account note: I don't mind spending 600 silver again, as long as i can get it back
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