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5/31/2020 1:58:51 PM

Exotic armor and higher Stats

Fellow guardians, I don't know if anyone else has had this happening to them, but it is extremely frustrating. I keep getting the same exotic armor to drop. I know its "RNG" but the odds of getting the same armor pieces out the 28 others in the loot pool (per character) is very questionable. I noticed this occurred the most during our current season of the Worthy. Even when I switch characters, the same exotics are magnetized to them. I've played this game a long time. I have just under 1000 hours on PC alone and many more on Xbox. I mention this in the argument of RNG and that it should be eventually going in my favor. For example, my titan has had the Peacekeepers drop 4 times. It was even a random world drop and then I went to Xur and got the SAME exact exotic moments later (same total stat). I kept them in my vault thinking they wouldn't keep dropping if I saved them up. NOPE, got my 5th peacekeepers and lost my s... For hunter I got my 4th Raiju's Harness. What a slap to the face when you cant even use the armor piece as well because its temp disabled... For my warlock, which is my least used I had 4 Sunbracers within a 2 week period. I currently have 103 exotics (armor) in my Vault and a few on my characters. 35 of these are duplicates not including the ones I finally deleted for vault space (deleted around 10-15 during season of Worthy). 9 of the 103 are from Collections that I use as needed and the the rest are world drops and from Xur's weekly engram. I consider myself a collector and grinding for good stats is worth it to me if the odds aren't soo skewed against me. Collection rolls with base stats of 48 are a joke. For those interested (I'm sure few), I have never received a better stat roll than collections for these armor pieces. I've been pursuing these for a long time: OEM, Skullfort, Khepri's Horn, Lion Rampant, Dunemarchers, [b]Dragon's Shadow[/b], Ophidia, Fr0st-EE5, Lucky pants, Crown of tempest, getaway artist, Phoenix protocol. Possible solutions could be: Guaranteed armor type (leg, chest, etc) for an extra cost of legendary shards. Some grindy stuff to be able to Upgrade your low stat armor. Maybe even re-roll capabilities like when we could re-roll weapon masterwork. Have Xur sell ALL his armor with high stat rolls and keep collections low stats. Sorry for the lengthy post. I'm trying to paint a picture and see if anyone else has experienced a similar issue. I would say half the reason I log into destiny is to peruse weapons and armor with rolls and stats I want or that are rare. I'm sure I'll get the it's RNG stat and maybe I'm just THAT unlucky. I did do TWO grandmasters and got 2 prisms and no extocis collectively between the two.... Riiiip. I thought I was Lord Shaxx's favorite guardian?!

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