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5/28/2020 6:54:34 AM

Exotic Hand Cannon : Cracked Spitfire

Cracked Spitfire Kinetic Hand Cannon Impact: 90 Range: 80 Stability: 40 Handling: 40 Reload Speed: 50 RPM: 75 Magazine: 6 Not all broken things have lost their usefulness. Intrinsic Perk — Broken Cannon: Holding the trigger charges this weapon to fire multiple shots simultaneously on release. Overcharging uses the whole magazine and decreases reload speed. Legendary Trait — Spin Cylinder: Holding the trigger spins this weapon’s cylinder, heating the bullets. Overcharging superheats the bullets, making them set targets on fire. Exotic Catalyst — Face Melter: Superheated bullets deal much more precision damage. Lore Tab: Not all broken things have lost their usefulness. Spitty’s been my go-to for killing mobs of baddies since I first became a Guardian. I still remover that day I took out the biggest Fallen Walker I’ve ever seen; damn I want to know how they make those things. Anyway I’d just emptied a mag of hurt into that Walker’s neck, when I burn myself on its red-hot core; a rookie mistake. I’ll admit. I drop my cannon into the Walker just as it goes boom. I wasn’t optimistic, I thought I’d never see Spitty again. Turns out Spitty here’s real resilient, just like me. If anything, it’s brought us closer — gun’s got character.

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