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5/28/2020 6:44:55 AM

Exotic Railgun LFR : The Overhand

The Overhand Energy Special Linear Fusion Rifle Impact: 20 Range: 80 Stability: 80 Handling: 30 Reload Speed: 40 Charge Time: N/A Magazine: 4 I like to whistle as it flies through the air. Intrinsic Perk — Prototype Railgun: On trigger release lobs a Photon Charge which travels in an arc. Aiming down sights displays arc trajectory and targeting. Legendary Trait — Perpetual Charge: Holding the trigger cycles the Photon Charge with electromagnetic waves, increasing its damage the longer it is cycled. Exotic Catalyst — Off the Rails: Cycling Photon Charge for too long overheats it and makes it unstable, detonating in a close-range blast. Lore Tab: I like to whistle as it flies through the air. The premise was to use the electromagnetic projectile propulsion and apply it to an energy projectile. Though it’s early days, the results have more than exceeded our expectations. While the term ‘railgun’ is accurate insofar as electromagnetism is the driving force of the weapon — having non-kinetic ammunition likens the weapon more to an energy grenade launcher — though the Photon Charges this weapon fires could hardly be considered as ordnance in the same way. Regardless, this weapon has almost unlimited potential — once we figure out the overheating problem, that is.

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